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Teenagers are teenagers no matter where they live which is in Qatar or abroad. International relocation or just a general move to any new place can severely upset the balance of their lives if allowed to happen. It can also rip away at the very foundation of the family unit per see too. Therefore, before a family plans to Relocate Internationally or even make an average move from one place to another that’s new, They should involve the teen in all that is going to happen with said relocation no matter what type it is, Preparation in advance helps to lesson the blow later on.

However, despite a family’s best effort to reduce the chances of upsetting the teenager, there will inevitably still surface a disturbance here and there for the simple reason that they occur as the direct result of family International relocation elsewhere. Sometimes these problems are beyond one’s control and are a downside of becoming part of a whole new environment. They not only affect the teenager. But can also plague the entire family. These problems are:

  • Cultural differences.
  • Settling in a new neighborhood.
  • Climate and geographic changes.

As was previously stated it makes no difference if said family is either Relocating or just doing an overall move. Whatever the case is with regarding to have to uproot all of a sudden is something no one’s ready for unless prepared in advance. The teenager must be made fully aware of what’s going to take place before it actually happens. All that is part of the Moving or relocation including information right down to the particular moving company should be shared knowledge. Teenagers should be permitted to pack up and to get ready for the big move. There are movers out there that will involve the kids in a move as much as possible if you so request it. The teenager may feel way more at ease being able to prepare their own personal items for the moving if they are going along too. Most teens are very fussy about their privacy and other issues first and foremost. No matter what cultural younger people come from? They all are alike in most cases in that they are searching for self identity and a sense of purpose. Parents must adjust to meet these needs and be aware that any kind of relocation can prove to be stressful on a teen. This also applies to a family who isn’t accustomed to being separated.

A family who is relocating should also be one who sticks together through thick and thin. But problems can get in the way to interfere with their harmony and general health. These problems for teenagers and families can be reduced by employing some of the following: .

  • Unification of families.
  • Observance and adherence to family values.
  • Determination to overcome all adversity.
  • Unconditional love.
  • Holding on to cultural uniqueness, self-worth, and individual identity.
House moving in winter

A large majority of people tend to move during the winter season, because the moving costs tend to be lower in winter as compared to the hot and humid summer. However, moving in the winter brings with itself new challenges of its own. Sudden blizzards and bracing the cold are just a few of the many problems that might pop up during your moving process. Here are a few tips for moving in winter:


In times of winter, you should make sure that you keep items such as shovels, winter gloves, ice scraper, hats, and winter essentials like salt unpacked and ready-for-use. Winter is likely to come with snow and if that is the case, you will need to use these tools to make sure you are able to make a path for yourself and your stuff to move along. If the sidewalk or entrance of your new apartment is frozen, throw hot water on it to melt it down and make commuting easier for yourself.

The best way to brave a storm or a blizzard is to avoid it. While moving is likely to have a set time table, it is important that you constantly take a look at the weather reports and climate forecasts to stay one step ahead of the weather. In addition to weather reports, keep tabs on traffic reports in the area you are moving and the airport and flight schedules. The last thing you want is to brave your way through a cold and find that the flight schedule has been cancelled.

When it�s cold, you certainly need to dress according to the weather and try to keep yourself warm at all times. Yet, when it comes to warming yourself up, make sure you dress in layers of winter clothes so that changes in body heat levels can be countered by shedding excess layers of clothing easily. If you want to avoid getting fatigue, make sure you keep the temperature inside your house closer to the weather outside. This will allow your body to maintain its temperature since it won t have to transition between hot and cold while transferring goods.

Boarding your pets is the best way to protect them during a move. Pets have the tendency of commuting in and around the house and during moving of your things in and out of the house that can prove to be a hindrance. With so much on your mind during the moving period, unbounded pets might end up getting lost adding to the emotional trauma of changing countries.
Moving to a new country is never an easy task and the best way to make sure you don t find it challenging is to follow the moving and relocation tips above carefully.

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Abra Relocations is all set to serve the moving customers from Qatar to other countries and bring expatriates to Qatar. We are proud to announce the launch on 3rd December 2017.

Company specialize in Local House Moving, International Door to Door Relocation of Household goods and Car, Office shifting, New furniture installation for small office to big projects, provide storage in our warehouse for long term and short term in normal temperature and Climate controlled facility.

Abra Relocations ( was established with a clear vision to provide Quality time bound moving and relocation services to customers in Qatar and to create a Strong Influential BRAND.

Mr. Abraham Antony, a veteran in the Moving and Relocation industry with more than 17 years of experience has joined hands with me to serve people of Qatar. His experience in working with individuals and corporates of multi-cultural societies in different countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India and Qatar will now be available for our customers.

Qatar is preparing to receive more expatriates in view of FIFA 2022. It is my pleasure to be in Qatar with the same relocations industry that was my life for 17 years. I am sure, my friends across the globe through International Movers conferences (International Association of Movers – IAM, Employee Relocation Council -ERC and FIDI) will all be happy to serve my new customers from Qatar.Said Abraham.

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