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A man using drilling machine for furniture installation.



Abra Relocation offers professional furniture installations for big hospitality projects, villa projects, Big corporates, etc.

unlike other furniture installations companies, we don’t depend on the furniture showroom and suppliers, rather we have our own expert furniture installations carpenter who are highly experienced in all kinds of furniture including various International brands.

In the case of furniture moving or relocating we have skilled personnel to
transport and install furniture safely.

You can customize the furniture in the way you want. We also have the best supervisor to understand your installation needs and advice you on the best furniture designs according to the same.

We have the best customizable furniture designs, some of the favorite choices of our clients are Hammock chairs, outdoor swingasan chairs, hanging cabinets, wall mounted bathroom cabinets, sideboard, wardrobe installation, installing closet doors

We are a one-stop solution for office furniture installations, Custom clearance, Container Offloading, house moving, international relocations, car shipping, office relocations Furniture distribution, and Furniture Assembly, dealing with a wide range of furniture installations.

We ensure quality after service, Our professionally skilled technicians are experts in installing, reconfiguring, and repairing furniture in any industry. We also fix & place furniture as required to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We also provide furniture storage facility in our own warehousing both for short and long term.

We provide customizable and all stages of furniture installations. Feel free to contact us and get a free quote from our experts.


We have trained & qualified manpower experts in the entire process of furniture installation and can and can handle installation ranging from an individual office to bigger corporates.

We follow these stages of furniture installation
1) Packing the furniture
We Ensure the best packaging material to pack your furniture and avoid
any damage or misplacement.

2) Container offloading

We have professional lumpers, trained to unload containers regularly.

3) Furniture distribution
Our smooth distribution system has a particular time frame to make the
distribution easier and ensure delivery on time without any

4) Furniture installation
We install the furniture on your premises and guide you with the proper
instructions. Our friendly and professional staff will clear your every
doubt regarding any furniture or issue.

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