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Abra Relocations specialize in Car Relocation from Doha Qatar. You need to Find a Car shipping company to ship your Car when you decide to Move your car out of Qatar. When you relocate to a new destination for good, shipping your cars or other vehicles is one such things which concerns most families. Do a research to find a company that has experience and give you the required information to take the best decision on your Car Relocation.

Please note below points that you need to consider while you move a car overseas

Documentation: Along with Personal documents of the Car owner, you need to de-register your Car in Doha and obtain an Export certificate from Qatar along with Car original documents.

Get expert advice on documentation requirement at Destination for import of your Car and restrictions.

Find a good car shipping company in Qatar who can give you all detailed information. If the shipping company you chose to move your Car is a professional Car Shipping company they will take care of the whole process and you can relax.

Please remember to do the following before you hand over the car to your Car Shipping Company

Please check this link to find Car driving side in your destination country.

Car Battery should be fully charged specially if it will be in transit for more than 15 days.

Fuel tank should be below quarter level to be at the safe side.

Better to keep your Car Alarm system deactivated. This helps to prevent unnecessary usage of car battery.

Get a transit Insurance for your car.

Leave one key in Car and other keys with you. Remove all valuable things from the car. Do not keep any moving object /lose items in Car.

Car shipping company takes care of the proof and documents required to transport your car. You don’t worry a thing. The company should know the step by step procedures for international Car Relocation. The Moving company you select should have the Experience using the right method for the transport, including the right carrier.

Experience a stress free Car Shipping with Abra Relocations as we know what we are doing.

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