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Boxes shown in storage room


Storage requirement vary depending on different life situations specially when it comes to Personal and house hold items. Either downsize your home where you do not have enough space to keep your furniture with you which are beloved to you, or pack it up completely and move to a new Furnished home. The personal effects are not just products, they are Your Memories which you do not want to relinquish though you do not need them on an everyday life. So, you want to store them temporarily in an AC or Non-AC store depending on the nature of goods in a storage space near to you. Sometimes when moving homes, it can be stressful to find another home and that is where you need a storage unit to buy yourself some time.

Abra Relocations provide short term Storage, Long Term Storage, Self-Storage Space and commercial Storage in Qatar.

Long and Short-term storage of Household items, furniture Storage, office equipment Storage etc. in AC and Non AC warehouse in Qatar at affordable cost is a regular demand we receive from our customers in Doha, Qatar.Abra Relocation provide AC storage and non AC Storage in our warehousing facilities, both short and long term for storing your valuable goods. We store both house hold and commercial goods as per the customer requirements. Our warehouses is secured and Civil approved.

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